Laguna Beach Engagement Photos at Crystal Cove


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beach engagement photos in laguna beach
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beach engagement photos in laguna beach
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beach engagement photos in laguna beach
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beach engagement photos in laguna beach
beach engagement photos in laguna beach
beach engagement photos in laguna beach
Laguna Beach engagement photos
beach engagement photos in laguna beach
couple holding hands on the beach in laguna beach
beach engagement photos in laguna beach
Couple wrapped in blanket in laguna beach

I bet you’re wondering, why is my favorite place to shoot sunny California? Wind in your hair, sea salt in the air, sandy feet, sun kissed skin, all this can only mean ONE thing… Beach session! Beach couple photoshoots are my ALL TIME favorite type of session, especially in the sunshine state right on Laguna beach. From all the earthy neutrals you get from the natural terrain of the beach, to the constant breeze, and to the free vibe that these shoots create, I love absolutely everything about beach sessions. I recently photographed the dreamiest engagement session at Crystal Cove in Laguna Beach. If you want to know more about Laguna Beach Engagement photos at Crystal Cove then keep reading!

One of my favorite things about beach couple sessions is all the wild and free vibes that are the outcome of running around the beach together (me included). So, I wanted to talk about why beach sessions might be the right choice for you! Are you okay with getting a little messy? Because of all the sand, wind, and water, these sessions can get pretty messy (which is why I love these sessions SO MUCH!) sandy feet? Totally okay! Get splashed by a wave? Even better! Lets let that hair down and blow in the wind for some epic movement. I absolutely love the storytelling that is created by getting messy and free during a session. To me, this turns your session into so much more than just a photoshoot with two people smiling stiffly at the camera. This turns your session into an experience with sensation, emotion, and really great memories. 

Okay, now that we’ve talked about why you should do a Laguna beach engagement shoot, let’s talk about what to wear! If you can’t tell already, I am OBSESSED with movement and emotion, and one of the best ways to get this is with clothes and hair that flow in the wind! It may seem like a bad thing at the time, but hair that is blowing all around during your session creates the dreamiest photos you can imagine. I also highly recommend wearing a flowy dress because the movement will add so much to your photos! Shoes that you are okay with getting sandy are also a must, as this is unavoidable, but honestly you will probably wind up bare foot and with your toes in the sand. It is much easier to frolic on the beach without shoes am I right?! My last piece of advice is to stick with neutral color choices or colors that compliment all the natural colors of the beach and the ocean. Not only do neutrals look great in photos, but they also look great on everyone! 

My last piece of advice for your beach sessions is all about posing! During your session, I will more than likely have you do a ton of movement based posing. Some of the prompts might feel weird but trust me, if you feel funny while doing the poses, you are doing them right! I have all kinds of prompts that I do to create movement, laughter, and all kinds of emotions, and if you’re laughing and having fun, that’s all I need! My goal as your photographer is to give you so much more then just photos, but to really have you and your lovers relationship and personalities shining through in the photos. My posing works particularly great for beach sessions due to all the movement and free vibes that are so important to my style.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s head straight to Socal and snap some photos of you and the love of you life! You absolutely cannot go wrong with a beach engagement shoot. You know what to expect, what to wear, and what we are going to do, so now all we have to do is frolic around the beach together! 

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