Torrey Pines State Beach Couples Session


Waves crashing, sea salt in the air, a warm breeze blowing through my hair, this can all only mean one thing… I’m in one of my favorite places in the world, Southern California. I am in my happy place when I am in SoCal, not only just because of the lifestyle, but also because of the amazing photography sessions I get to right under the sunniest sky. I am so excited to talk about one of my most recent sessions I was able to do in California, just a bit north of San Diego, with one of the cutest couples I’ve ever met. Keep reading if you want to hear more about this free spirited couples session at Torrey Pines State Beach that I love so much! 


For this couples photoshoot, we had the sweetest newlywed couple, Jupatcha  and Kaden. Jupatcha and Kaden got married early this year in Utah where they both were currently living. A short time later, they moved to SoCal near San Diego. Jupatcha and Kaden are one of the sweetest and most free spirited couples ever and it so showed in the photos I had the opportunity to take of them. They laughed, ran, jumped, and splashed all over the beach and just seemed to be having the best time together. When I say they made my job easy, I mean SO easy. You can easily see how strong their love is for one another and I had the best time photographing them! 


I am a huge believer of keeping it simple with outfit choices for sessions, and Jupatcha and Kaden definitely did just that. Jupatcha wore a short, off white, boho dress, while Kaden wore a dark gray tee shirt and blue jeans (both were barefoot to fit the beach vibe of course!) neutrals are your best friend during a photoshoot not only because they look good on everyone, but they also look amazing in photography!  Also Jupatcha and Kaden kept their outfits pretty causal which made it a million times easier to frolic, jump, dance, and play on the beach together (while I played third wheel of course). 


Time to talk about one of my new favorite spots to shoot at in SoCal. Normally I’m a Laguna beach girl, through and through, but I absolutely adore this spot just north of San Diego. This location is Torrey Pines State Beach and it is absolutely breathtaking. The beach goes for miles and miles with the huge sun dipping just below the  beach horizon in the most beautiful way. It also has red rock as another great photo backdrop. If you have the time definitely get there early and go on some of the beautiful hiking trails with the gorgeous California ocean views. I have shot at this location multiple times and let me say, the light just hits different. 

Nothing beats being in California and being able to have some of the most amazing shoots! Every time I think I’ve found my new favorite location, another absolutely breathtaking spot pops up. To say I’m obsessed with Jupatcha and Kaden’s couple photoshoot is an absolute understatement. It was such an honor to get to meet them and see how beautiful their love is for one another. I also will be shooting at Torrey Pines so many more times in the future for sure. I fall more and more in love with Southern California every day and all these amazing photo shoots are definitely making me love it even more (if that’s even possible.) Well, that’s it folks! Thanks for reading! 

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