Studio Bridal Sessions and reasons why you should do them


Let’s talk about bridals! Specifically, studio bridals. Bridals are one of my all time favorite things to photograph. There are so many reasons to do bridals before your big day. It’s the perfect time to take a test run in your dress, hair, and makeup to see how you a going to feel the day of your actual wedding. Bridals also make your wedding day so much less stressful by not having to worry about getting those individual shots, and it leaves more time for couple photos. I have also had so many brides tell me that their bridals made them feel so confident and ready for the big day. Those are just a few reasons bridals are AWESOME in general, but let’s get a little more niche. I wanted to talk more on studio bridals and some of the the reason you may want to consider doing them before your upcoming big day. So, if you’re thinking about doing studio bridals, but you’re not quite sure, this is the blog for you!  

I think one of the biggest pros of doing studio bridals is you do not have to worry about bad weather! Bridals come with a lot of coordination with your hair and makeup artist, photographer, florist, and so many others, and doing studio bridals takes away the stress of having to worry about your bridals getting rained out or canceled due to bad weather conditions. It also takes away other factors such as heavy wind, heat, cold, and bugs. If you guys are a sweater like I am, studio bridals may be a good option for you because you always have the amazing air conditioning to rely on! 

Studio bridals help keep your dress in pristine condition by the time your wedding gets here. You do not have to worry about your dress getting dirty or messed up with studio bridals, no dirt or mud to worry about here! You can also get dressed at the studio, which takes out of the chance of your dress getting dirty or stained in the car (also the discomfort of having to wear a huge gown in the car!) Studios also open up a lot of creative posing options, such as sitting and laying on the ground, which you normally wouldn’t want to chance outside. 

I love studio bridals because of the privacy you are able to have. In public places you never know how many people are going to be out and about, and if you are on the shyer side, this can get a little uncomfortable (even if people do mean well and just love to see a stunning bride in their wedding dress). I’ve also found that this can make for the most beautiful and intimate moments between you and whichever loved one(s) you may bring to your bridals. Because studios are private, you can make the most of your time and get the most photos because you will not have to wait around for other people to finish taking photos in a public spot. 

Studio bridals allow for tons of creative freedom. You can really try almost anything in a studio and this is amazing if you are wanting some unique and vibey bridals. There are also so many different studio options that you can easily find one that reflect your style. Want a bunch of props to give a vintage vibe? Or maybe more of a boho look with exposed brick and wicker chairs to lounge around it? Or even a minimalistic and simple studio with beautiful window light? They have a studio for almost every single aesthetic imaginable and this can be so fun because it really captures the brides personality and uniqueness. 

These are just a few of the reasons I love studio bridals and recommend them to anyone. Keeping scrolling to see some of the different studio bridals I have had the opportunity to do and maybe it will give you some inspiration for your very own! 

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