I''m a lover of sunshine, my three bulldogs and Yorkie, traveling the world with my husband, and of course… documenting love! If you are the fun-lovin, road less traveled by, adventure seeking type of couple you are in the right place! I want nothing more than to have fun alongside you and your soulmate while capturing the wild and authentic moments of you story. 

I am so excited that you are here! 

you can call me Hannah

I’m inspired by many things, traveling to new places and soaking in the culture, listening to classic rock music that brings up a nostalgia from my childhood, and experiencing life and all of it’s craziness. But I have two big inspirations that create my photography style. The first is sunshine, sunshine, and MORE SUNSHINE! I love nothing more than to see my clients sun drenched and oh so in love. I think it adds another layer of feelings to the day. What it smelled like, sounded like, and what it FELT like, which is sweet love and sun kisses. My second inspiration is ALL YOU. It is so important to me that my couples have a great a memorable time at each session. And how do we do this? We have fun! We will walk, run, dance, jump, and do all kinds of crazy and ridiculous things to get you guys comfortable and laughing. This allows me to capture you and your lover and your truest and most raw form. Just let me be your professional third wheel for the day I promise it will be amazing!

My Inspirations

All I want to do is freeze moments. I want to see someone laughing their heart out, pause the moment, put all the feelings and emotions in a jar, and keep them forever. With photography I CAN do that. And I can share that gift with so many others. Trends will come and go, but years from now when you find an old photo of you and your soulmate experiencing life to the fullest together… there is nothing better than that. And if I can spread this gift to as many people as possible, even better! 

Let’s Cut to the Chase, lemme tell you why I do what I do

All I want to do is freeze moments

I lived in Costa Rica for 2 years

A few fun Facts

jan 20-26 Socal

I have my degree in Psychology

Chuy's is my favorite restaurant (theee best tex mex)

Beach days are my favorite

I'm OBSESSED with dogs, especially bulldogs.

Feb 23-28 Socal

March 24-30 Socal

April 15-17 Socal

April22-25 socal

May 13-18 Socal

I have my degree in Psychology

Chuy's is my favorite restaurant (theee best tex mex)

Tulum Mexico is my favorite place

I'm OBSESSED with dogs, especially bulldogs.


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