Malibu Engagement Photos at El Matador State Beach

couple running on a beach in malibu
guy kissing girls cheek on beach in malibu
couple looking at the ocean at el matador state beach in malibu
couple playing on a beach in malibu
guy kissing girls cheek on beach in malibu
guy picking up girl on beach in malibu

Car rides in Malibu… straight to El matador beach! Another trip to California and another beautiful engagement session to make this photographers heart so happy, this time we did took these engagement photos at El Matador State Beach in Malibu! The only thing I like better than going to the beach to sun bathe and catch up on some reading is going to the beach for vibey, fun couple photoshoots. I have been dying to explore more of sunny SoCal and find new session locations, especially Malibu, and this location was such a hit and now one of my ALL TIME favorite locations. To make this Malibu session even better, the couple I got to photograph was incredible to work with to create the most fun and free vibe! Keep reading below if you want all the details of El Matador, the couple, and all the vibes and the feels.


okay, let’s talk about this incredible location that has quickly become one of my times favorites. Located in the beautiful and iconic city of Malibu, El Matador beach is by far one of the prettiest beaches I have shot it. As soon as you park your car you are welcomed by beautiful cliff views of the entire ocean right before you eyes. A short walk down some sandy stairs (again with amazing views) you are welcomed to the soft sand, breezy air, and and perfectly serene environment. What this sunny SoCal location so special and unique is that it is covered with huge rocks that make this location even more stunning. One of my favorite types of golden hour light to shoot in is when the light is buffered by something, but still shinning through such as trees, buildings, or in this case, these giant rocks. I cannot wait to shoot at el matador beach again! 


Nothing better than meeting you new clients and having the instant connection! I absolutely loved working with Nicole and Keoni and getting to shoot their engagement photos. During their session, we ran, jumped, played, and even took a little dip in the ocean. Nicole and Keoni were so fun and really up to do absolutely anything. My favorite sessions are those were the couple really shows their truest self and allow me to capture that. Nicole and Keoni were free, fun-loving, and so carefree that it made photographing their love such a fun experience for me. Nothing fit their personalities more than having their engagements done in Southern California, with the El Matador beach sunshine shining down on them. Nicole and Keoni were such an amazing couple to work with! 


Nicole and Keoni kept the vibes very beachy with their outfit choices. Both barefoot, Nicole wore a Champagne, Satin, long sleeved dress that hit right above the knee for the first half of the session, and then the second half she wore a deep green slip dress. This paired with her loose, wavy, blonde hair, Nicole looked like she was born to live on the ocean. Keoni kept it simple with a button up shirt and rolled up pants. Both had the perfect outfit choices for a day of playing on a Malibu beach. 

From this amazing couple, to the gorgeous location, this engagement session was one for the books. I love a good opportunity to capture couples in love in SoCal and this one was all around incredible. I can’t wait until the next time I have the opportunity to do a photoshoot on el matador beach, and I highly recommend it to anyone who is thinking of shooting there! So what are you waiting for, who wants to do their own dreamy engagement photos at El Matador State Beach in Malibu?! Message me for more info!!

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